Lesson Materials

  1. A good guitar (it is too hard to learn on a difficult instrument…it is like learning how to drive on a flat tire, if you need some advice just let me know and I can make some recommendations).
  2. A three ring binder (Approx. 1 ½ “)(I hate to see hard work crumpled up…it’s a sign that you do not care).
  3. A metronome (a must…students who use one will develop light years faster). Please buy one that is louder than the guitar (The Korg MA-30 and various Metronomes by Wittner are very good choices as are many that can be acquired as apps at the app store.)
  4. Their own picks
    • Acoustic guitar- Fender light, medium, heavy, or extra-heavy picks
    • Electric guitar- Fender heavy picks or Dunlop jazz tortex sharp point
    • Heavy (purple w/ the turtle on it)
  5. While not required, I would recommend that you have a digital guitar tuner. If your guitar is not in tune you will have a harder time sounding good. In other words, when you practice, if you are not in tune, what you play will not sound correct. I would recommend the ones made by Korg. (Korg CA-30 [$35]) There are many great ones on the app store as well.
  6. Please have a good set of strings on your guitar. It will be hard to play well or sound well on a set of old strings! These are those I recommend: For electric guitar: D’Addario EXL-120’s. For steel string guitars I recommend D’Addario EJ-16 strings or Elixir .012 gauge strings. For nylon string guitars I recommend D’Addario classical strings (Hard tension).
  7. Books/Materials:
    • Electric/Bass guitar: It depends on your desired style…talk to the instructor!
    • Classical Guitar: “39 Progressive Solos for Classical Guitar w/tab & CD
      By Ben Bolt. Book #1 (Hal Leonard 2506915)
    • Aaron Shearer Classical Guitar Technique Book 1
    • Mastering the Guitar Book 1A w/CD by William Bay and Mike Christiansen (Mel Bay 96620BCD)
    • Bass Guitar: Bass Playing Techniques (HL00695207)
    • Slap Bass Book w/CD
    • Modes/Improvisation CD: Available from the instructor ($15)
    • Chord Sequence/Improvisation CD: Available from instructor ($15)
    • Theory Class- Music Theory (Hal Leonard 00695790)
    • Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1 w/cd (Hal Leonard 00699027)
    • ***If you want to learn a song from a group please buy a book w/ that song (In tablature or chord charts) and have a copy of the song on tape or CD. I cannot make any copies of any song…written or audio.
  8. From time to time we will have guest clinicians and concerts by some of the worlds greatest guitarists. I expect all students to attend these. Please do not miss these…you will be sorry. These have been life-changing moments for myself and for many of my students. They can cost anywhere from zero to ten dollars.
  9. A good guitar capo: Kyser or Shubb (get the right kind…steel string, nylon, or electric)
  10. Guitar polish…I recommend Jim Dunlop Formula 65!
  11. If you have a Solid Top Guitar you will need a humidifier!!!
  12. If you have any questions you are welcome to call me at home, work, or on my cell. My phone numbers are as follows: W: 947-9072; C: 653-6588.